Root Cellar Gardens

There is a great wealth of knowledge about ecological growing practices collected over generations and generations. Additionally, there is an exciting, new body of information that is being developed in light of the (relatively) vast technological, economic, mobile, and social resources of our times.

Listed below are a number of resources that have helped to shape and inform the values and practices of Root Cellar Gardens.


Silent Spring (Rachel Carson)
A Sand County Almanac (Aldo Leopold)
The Good Life (Helen and Scott Nearing)
Stolen Harvest (Vandana Shiva)
How to Save Your Own Seed (Seeds of Diversity Canada)
The Soil and Health (Sir Albert Howard)
The Winter Harvest Handbook (Eliot Coleman)
Carrots Love Tomatoes (Louise Riotte)
Let it Rot! (Stu Campbell)
The Market Gardener (Jean-Martin Fortier)


Sustain Ontario
Food Secure Canada
Purple Pitchfork
Canadian Organic Growers
Seeds of Diversity Canada
USC Canada
Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security
Superior Seed Producers


Food Inc.
Symphony of the Soil
The Real Dirt on Farmer John

Thunder Bay and Area Resources

There is increasingly more interest, activity, awareness, and support for local food and local businesses in the Thunder Bay area. Below are some organizations working to support local food and food security.

There are countless and ever increasing innitiatives, events, and business featuring, supporting, and featuring locally produced food in and around our area. The thought of creating an exhaustive list is, well, exhausting. Plus, with the growing momentum of local food I fear whatever list would soon be outdated! For specific info on events, suppliers, and innitiatives, check out the organizations above, or other great local resources such as:

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